Friday, February 11, 2011

Lame old, lame old

Someone asked me yesterday on Twitter if I 'knew my power' was a Reiki related question.
I answered back today that yes, I do.
That I consider myself to run on a curent different from the 'norm' of our A. C. society;
I run on D.C.

☛ Direct Connection☚

I tap into the source directly.

I no longer go running around to 'find' God, or Spirit, or Nirvana, for I found what I was seeking years ago. Spirit taps into, or as we'd say in New Age terms 'cords' to my outlet during meditation.

It really is that simple.

When we go alone, attempt to Master without a Master what we don't yet understand- that's what gets us in trouble. If we have no guidance for true understanding of what we truly are, and how we work, or operate, we muddle through life. We're lame.
Hobbled as a horse; only relying on one gait- a slow walk.

The only true work we are here for is to work on ourselves to find our inner Divine self and it's connection to the Source.
The rest of our daily 'work' we struggle with is the peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.

Stop worrying about what sandwiches you; just learn to balance your body and mind.
The best of the rest your life will follow.

There is an exceptional book on such an idea:
Body Mind Balancing (using your mind to heal your body) by Osho

It even comes with a CD for mediation, a pure, gentle and simple lie down and have a chat with your body and its pain recording.
The book itself is a precious gem and shines for whomever takes the time to read it and use it toward healing or just another way to understand one's self.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Lame Old is 'a party given by old people, no music or dancing, just eating or just the old people themselves'.
That is lame.
So smarten up peeps, talk to yourself.
You'll be the life of and at the party in no time...

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