Monday, February 14, 2011

By Heart

To my Other Half, 
It's Valentines Day, and I'm older now, somewhat wiser. 
I don't need the chocolate anymore, find I crave it often but know its not conducive to my weight or height. 
I discovered years ago that I was short and that chocolate did nothing for helping me to reach further into the cabinet to find it when the cravings began. 

Chocolate leaves no benefits, the exception of the minuscule mind related rush I receive shortly after imbibing in it; the one that wears off too soon and I need another 'fix'. 

You could, according to ancient traditions, sit with me instead on an S shaped love seat, being careful not to get too close, or carve me out a wooden spoon with a key or heart attached, to unlock your heart.

You may, as you are on your morning constitutional, find a robin, finch or sparrow. 
When women saw them on this day it was thought they'd either marry a sailor, be less than rich or marry into millions. 

Or you could simply do just as you've been doing of late, grow further, delve deeper, into your heart and soul as you walk next to the Atlantic as I write this; and we'll both be richer for the entire experience. 
❤ Trustme ❤

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Howard Sharper said...

I love this Doc