Sunday, January 9, 2011

We're all culpable

I just read a Ben Smith article on Sarah Palin's aide's spin on Sarah not being responsible for the shooting or the shooter in Tuscon due to the surveyor crosshairs on her target map. Duh.

It is my belief that it's time to set our sights on something other than guns, and violence in general.

Quoted Palin aide, Rebecca Mansour:
"I don't understand how anybody could be held responsible for somebody who is completely mentally unstable like this. Where I come from the person that is actually shooting is the one that's culpable," Mansour said, speculating that the shooter is a paranoid schizophrenic. 
"It seems that the people that knew him said that he was left-wing and very liberal -- but that is not to say that I am blaming the left."


What part of that statement don't you get? 
First and foremost I don't know (havent read it yet) if anyone stated that Sarah and her crosshairs were responsible...if they did, that's plain dumb too. 

But I am asking WHY is the LEFT being brought into this conversation IN the FIRST place? 

WHAT does the LEFT or the RIGHT have to do with the six people who died, and those who are in a condition of less than stable at this writing? 

(Hand in air, oh please pick my answer: this woman, this so called aide, is so far left of the center line on the highway of life, she's driving her words as do many drunks after happy hour) 

When one or more of U.S. citizens subscribe to the head in the posterior position of life, be it political or otherwise, one will not find the right or left answers -especially when placing the blame on the singular while the plural shrugs its shoulders and goes back to pinning the tail on the donkey map. 

I have a solution to the whole matter, now and beyond. 

I hate to say it this way but: 
Shut the F up. Just shut up. 

Pray for those who died, for those stil wounded and shut up. 

Actions speak louder than words; the shooters actions spoke louder than those who said he was unstable previous to the shootings. 

His actions spoke louder than any charged up double-stuffed ego-ic politician behind the bully pulpit that says guns rule, and finger points to our second AMENment to say so. 

Guns and war are not the answer, never have been, never will be. 

Simply take action to stop easy access to guns, and access by those considered to be "unstable". 

But please, no more right,  no left. 
Death itself for those who were caught in this shooters crosshairs is ~non political~ and proper action taken such as security measures to protect before the gun is purchased or at the event is a great place to start. 
And to create a peaceful world is the best answer to any violence that anyone could ever give. 

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