Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stairway to...


I just spent three months, in a literal 'haunted' home. It's funny to think back on before I left because I had an accurate "tarot" card reading about a month before leaving, and it was "spot on".
It wasn't until I was fully encased in the goings on that I remembered what was said to me....that our next home was going to be haunted...

The home itself was on past lands of an ancient plantation; the more time I spent wandering the area, the more pain I found from the past.
Slavery and the Civil War did a number on the earth and its souls there.
Every state in our 'union' that has had suffering(s) is afflicted.
Most recently I crossed some lost Cherokee tribe members who walked the Trails of Tears; they were blocked from the Great Spirit by a negative entity, somehow they found me...

Back at our home, there were many goings on, during all hours of the day and night.
We'd have "vistiors" of all types, men, women and children, some with shackles, chains, and others dressed for the gaiety before or after the war. One woman dressed to the nines, stepped on my foot, and when I spoke to her, asking her not to step on my feet, she turned and "pffft'd" at me, and walked out through the wall.

As I once worked on the computer, I could feel a presence in the area; it got colder in the room, suddenly, and I looked up from my writings and a man was staring at me from the window.
Of course, with apparitions, as they are called, he "wasn't there" when I opened the door.

I literally had one woman walk across my knees, dragging a few children with her, while I read one night, in bed.  The ultimate 'happening' was when we went to the beach for a walk, and got back and stepped into the kitchen...there was a huge pile of beach sand spread all over the floor before us.
No one had been in the house. I have to give them credit whoever they were because that was a feat in itself.

The main reason I am writing about this is not to confirm that I am crazy as many believe me to be, but to suggest that we-those light workers who are aware- pay close attention nowadays.

The earth is, for lack of a better description, almost burping these lost souls up.
The exception to that statement is they can't go "up" without help many times. For those of us who are "aware" and can help there has never been a time when we have been needed. I once thought I wasn't going to do this again; apparently I was 'wrong' on that very thought.

As we left the house, and moved on it was early morning. As I drove up to the stoplight, traffic was almost nil. Suddenly, there was a knocking on the rear window. I pretended I didn't hear it. Knock, knock. I turned to my other half and said:  "Ummm..."
" I HEAR IT!"  he said.
Ok, where is it? I asked. He turned to look behind us, no one was there on the street, no one near the car.
Not a soul in the mirrors.

Knock knock....Oh no I thought, please, don't let them come with us!

As the light changed, I turned up the CD and drove on.
Arriving at the beach for a walk, we happened to stop and talk with a man from Maryland with whom we'd come to know.

" Hey he said, your left rear brake light is out... and if you're going far..."

So I/we figured the housing was loose, hence the knocking...surely that was "it". We walked the beach and went to the auto parts store...finding everything in the trunk was secure and to get to the light you have to open a small door that was also securely fastened...

So, in all,thank you to our southern apparitions, for as much entertainment and disruption that some of you caused, we are grateful for your persistent knocking...
knocking on Heaven's Doors...

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