Monday, December 13, 2010

Out over the bay
While pelicans play

Feathers buried, in storm sands

You came to the edge of this beautiful coast
To realize you’re ok as... 
                                                                        I AM

We found past karma
Laid it to rest
The future’s much calmer
Ahead is the best.

What mattered most
As we walked the coast
Is that you saw who you are,
And now you know what I always knew
That no one else is simply the boss over anything you do. 

That your self rules
And you alone possess the tools

As we lay this trip aside
And begin anew together,
We'll push off from the tide,
Fly on collective feathers

I know I caught the biggest catch
The same I caught before,
When those clear blues caught my attention
Far across that shipping floor

So here’s to you, my other half,
my counter part, and side by each
Wahe Guru! 
Your Life's now a Beach! 

And we'll celebrate a healing year for sure...

2+0+1+1 will always = 4

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