Sunday, October 10, 2010

Travels in trust

The turkey has landed. I'd say eagle but that's not "me" and this isn't the moon as far as I know at this writing.

Traffic wasn't fun from the beginning, for apparently some trucker tried to shoot a state trooper in Connecticut and that quickly ended many peoples travel plans and I have no doubt it fueled more than gas in many tanks. We had it easy on our side- spanning something like 4 or 5 exits; a couple of hours-the other side had literal miles of halogen lights stymied in the darkness, spanning WAY past the NY border.

So we're 'here' wherever that is, and tonight in Summerville, SC, I asked innocently if there was a grocery store in the area.

"Oh yes, the woman said at Walgreens; just up the street is Walmart".
I remembered after asking to be specific, for Walmart although laden with them in some of the Northern US sectors, not all are grocery stores. Walmart to me is not a 'grocery store' unless I want Fritos, Doritos, Jiffy Peanut Butter, and Fluff along with my jeans or tools.

I didn't dare to ask about organic; for I would stand even further out, and I will get the swing of the area in due time.

Just as soon no doubt, as I will figure out all the keys on my new notebook. ( I may have to wait til I see our daughter, or fly our son down for help on this new fangled contraption)
For now I will just do the best I can in a different world, and search out all typos before hitting send.
I do have one thing going for me though: I can say yes maam as good as any born and raised southerner. Sweet tea I can't quite grasp the accent-yet.

Y'all is something I am working on; yahear?

I'll be beantown unrecognisable no doubt in a matter of months; my Bahston brahman accent will be dumbdowned rusted,forced and outdated as were the accents recently in the "Town" Ben Affleck's latest movie which "broke" in a crucial part at the Ghaden cinema before we left....(they repaired it quickly but I had to ask our eldest WHAT the cop said in the scene-turned out not to be crucial)
And here, Summerville is close to Dorchester incase I get homesick; Goshen is a hop- skip and it's only a jump to Plymouth, NC.
And the ocean? I can smell it from the hotel room even though we're not yet at the 'edge'.

BBC's (Berkshire Brewing Company) truck is right:" things are looking up"..

for tonight, the pool's open :)

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