Monday, October 18, 2010


Saturday, we went wandering trying to get a better feel for our new area.
We only had to backtrack twice-and when doing so, I realized that some signs in Carolina are similar to Rhode Island in many areas: just as you land upon the turn you need to make, the sign is barely discernable- and boom ! -you miss the turn.
We ventured to Conway, which is funny considering we left a town close to Conway Mass to come south. We received the most informative mini tour at the local tourist information center in what I think was the shortest time, ever.
My head was swimming trying to keep up with this lady!
On her advice, we first went for lunch; at The Trestle restaurant which we enjoyed- the chicken salad a mix similar to that my Mom used to make-albeit a rushed feeling as they were closing 30 minutes after our arrival.
The sourdough bread alone I will go back for...and macadamia nut cookies too.
Afterward we wandered the town, taking the riverfront walk, then the historic homes, and then finding the great oak trees that have much history:
the Mary Brookman Beaty oak, named for the shotgun wielding defender of the Wade Hampton oak tree- to the huge alligator oak (circumference 18’ 7.5”) whose massive roots are protected in the underlying brick work, to the ‘hanging’ oak.
The hanging oak is where the public executions took place until 1908; where upon the building of the jail took over the executions in a ‘state of the art’ room- and the oak was retired.
I couldn’t go near the hanging oak, for as a sensitive; I could feel it from where I stood across the street. If ever a tree could express its feelings-and they all do- this fine, stately tree no doubt whispers its memories when it rains; tracks of its tears falling on burdened bark to cement below, similar to falling on deaf ears that execution is not the answer and never will be; be it the murder- or the eye for the one taken.
A few days ago, our new landlord asked me if we were Republicans or Democrats.
I answered does it matter?
What matters to me is not the life lived or taken in the long ago historical past, but the life lived to the fullest-in the current state of our affairs- the present of life itself.
God, who according to the reading material about the trees -gave us the oaks -what was done with them was done in the mindset during those past times.
Thankfully, today, the oaks are preserved, steeped in history; deep rooted reminders.
But our minds are often still stuck in the past of others -times we’ve never experienced firsthand.
We’re still depending on their past to build our future !
The trees are standing people.-be they rooted in the south or north-serving as reminders of what was called a “civil” war- a relentless bloody battle fought for and against slavery, for and against secession.
And we’re still fighting it-in the history of our collective past(s) in many areas of our ‘modern’ lives; for the further we travel to be different from one another, or the furthest point we will go to –to make sure we’re the same political affiliation or some such nonsense,
the further we stray from the origins of our God given roots; living together as One -as supposedly set in stone tablets by our creator long before the invention of brick walls to preserve those oak roots.

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