Thursday, September 23, 2010

Snoozing while Cruising

No, not something new to do while driving or boating.
This was what a hiking Dad with his 4 month old snuggled in it's Snugli was calling his adventurous hike in the state forest we're in.
I marveled at his singing to his child, a wondrous experience to view and listen to; and said a blessing that his way of communicating with his child be always magical as I found it to be.
His continual conversation with the sleeping baby was also magical; telling him/her ( couldn't see into the Snugli) everything he was seeing- hawks at one point, and a view from the fire tower of Mt Greylock and beyond.

Babies "know" us long before they are actually birthed; I spoke with another woman today who marveled at her friend's baby being so good for her while the Mom shopped and the friend did laundry. I reminded her that the baby knew her all during the pregnancy. Although she had 3 kids, and grandchildren that thought never crossed her mind until I said it.

I commented on how funny yet easy to remember what we've forgotten as we go along our paths.
The simplest things can be so far away, and yet so close at hand; literally when a new life is forming.
A simple touch to the womb can bring all sorts of necessary information to the child within.

And all it takes is something as simple as singing to bring back the magic to your life; and doing so, that flows to others; be they snoozing or cruising...


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