Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rude Crude Socially Camping part 2

Yep there were two parts to this camping fiasco. Literally.

I've heard of the drink Sex on the Beach, but never til this year about Sex in the Tent.

Could be a new Tanqueray drink;

Gin, local fresh berry juices, splash of maple syrup, and a condom all under a pine bough shaped umbrella- shaped like a tent.

A great awakening (NOT) by loud and louder, our two toe tangoed camping missionaries of sorts.
Nuthin' beats being awakened by incredibly LOUD ohh's and ahh's on a Sunday morning out in the quiet wild.

God forgive me; my first thought was to scream FIRE!
My second was to simply deflate their tent, in a manner of speaking.

But my rational reasonable side of my dual personality took over for whatever reason and we simply went for breakfast; for sex, like weed, always makes one hungry doesn't it?

I wondered if they'd go out for a Friendly's Super Sizzlin' Sausage Sunrising breakfast special, but didn't wait on them to answer.

I still had my fingers in my ears :) and drove out with my eyes closed
♥ trustme

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