Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Chair of Sighs

A few days ago, I was sitting at a library in the Valley using their computer.
Next to me a woman was seated, and suddenly as she looked at whatever she was viewing on her screen she began to sigh. And sigh, and sigh...
There's nothing like it, really- hearing people close to you going off whenever and whatever for- believe me it grates on your nerves as you write or read. I considered it a test.
So today I am sitting in the Chair of Sighs (literally) as I type and now behind me is another sigh-er.
I know the meaning of such emotions although suppressed- it's a call (almost silently) for more joy- although Wikipedia says it can come from happiness- that personally I have never seen ( or heard).
Today's Chair of Sighs for me was at the Dentist.

If I could have, I would have sighed ( there was a t one point an "acorn, a great white, a plug" and a whole lot of other "stuff" in my mouth) as a few years ago my insurance company paid mega millions for a gold crown and today I was told that it wasn't functioning-and no doubt I will have to have it pulled and a titanium replacement, to the tune of a gazillion gold coins no doubt.
The original dentist who owned the practice was not happy when his associate put in the gold- why I didn't demand a porcelain one then and there was my downfall- obviously.Sigh.

Shorty after the Dentist chair, I was having tea and a scone at the coffee shop and a "service" dog to an elderly man also in the shop, was barking furiously at all the dogs going by why he was sitting IN the bay window of the shop.
What I found to be wondrous was that knowing a lot about 'service' dogs, I doubt that this particular beagle cross is indeed a dog of service other than the loyalty and companionship to it's human.
Kudos to the employees for tactfully dealing with a hard of hearing man and his dog. It made me glad to be a customer of this shop; tastefully and simply decorated, all class in both provisions and demeanor(s).
No sad sighs there, perhaps only sighs of joys- and scones to 'live for' as we say in our family.

As always I will continue to march on, or skip on, scone on- and hopefully bring smiles rather than sighs to those around me... yesterday at another library stop, I ran into another friend who related to and with me the meanings of all the wildlife we've been encountering of late ( owls by the park full, silver tipped gray fox, turtles, hawks...)that many changes were on our horizon ( that's a given at this writing) and I knew we would need to be adaptable, clever, and to blend into our surroundings while using them to our advantage as does the fox.
Know that we are to pace ourselves as does the turtle, to be certain that we are keen with our vision, as is the hawk; paying attention to not only the signs- but the sighs all around us, chair or no chair...

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