Friday, August 20, 2010

T words

There's a saying that sums up a lot about the world churns today:
" If I gave a shit, you'd be the first one I give it to"

Hot Dam! Woo wee!!  See the news? Huh?

Peeps being tossed like salad on the news for their supposed trash mouths faster than my Momma could chase me with the hairbrush!
And I got chased!!


I want to shout from the roof top ('cept I don't own the house, don't trust who does and wouldn't set foot on the roof for any $)

"Hello? Hello world?  Hear me??

We got kids, adults trash talking about F'ing this and F'ing that- this sucks, your mommas a ho, your daddy's a dickster, and you're a whore..." and we're radio waving and bitch slapping Dr Laura and Jennifer Anniston?

We're right- not to tolerate this talk as a whole.
But until we clean it all up it's just trash coming from another hole: the gutter mouths of America.

Dr Laura with the' N' word, and Jennifer Anniston with her 'R' word- two people who don't know crap from crack ----> butt<---- they're 'special' people(!)  due to their supposed social status ( except for their mouths and thoughts apparently) and suddenly it's 'news'---> it's Larry King's polka dot ties and exclusive diarrhea on the radio waves, Tv with Regis and whoever and admitting to finding out your salon diva ripped you off.

You want news Larry, Regis?
Real news? Come away from your comfy desk and stools and bring your shows to the streets; go live with those left OUT of our social status societal statistics the "P"---->POOR<----

Ain't nobody talking about them.

The shows all talk about the "middle class" and the "rich" how they're suffering the market drops and the price of gas, and all they've had to give up due to the econonMY!
And the P people? They're just trying to survive on the pittance trash scraps  that the R's and M.C.'s and politicians leave for them as if it was Christmas bonuses that they should be thankful for.

Middle Classers and the Rich do talk trash about the 'exclusivity' of such lesser class people getting more benefits than those who have to pay for such...and most often it comes down to ignorance, simple jealousy, greed, and that other "R" word that flares from time to time from the B's (bigots) among us--->
Race- as if it really matters.

That word or thought activates that scary nightmarish area of the brain when having to confront someone who is different from you and all the exclusive things you cherish; those you feel you own the rights to because of your own sufferings with carrying on the family lineage or perhaps your exclusive 'struggles' as you think them to be.

Overall its fair to say that we're all guilty and leave it go at that, rather than to point fingers or give fingers to those who are showing us the way of the future.  Jennifer and Laura showed us the raw as they spoke. That rough stone that needs polishing.

Each and every person here on this planet sets and example for another; the choice is ours as to how to help or further the hurt of humanity. 

I admit -fess up here and now that after I helped to show an "R" Rich man who didn't have a clue as to how to pump gas and his wife wrestled with the squeegee on the windshield this somewhat "P" Poor person drove away chuckling.

I was richer for the experience and  have no doubt they were too.

I was just very thankful that they didn't tip me a quarter for my troubles or I'd have had to trash talk them.


Oscar the Grouch, Sesame Street

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