Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shrimp Oil

Hey why not? 
What's to stop the mongering oil barons gathering what's left of our oil and dispersant waters and selling it back to us as a new found health food? 

We already have snake oil, motor oil, canola oil ,soy bean oil, peanut oil, almond oil, krill oil, mineral oil, synthetic oils, organic oils...certainly the white coats in the lab could find some use for it -right? 

Tonight catching up on the 'news' of the day -and there isn't anything 'new' to speak of- seeing as how we're barely skimming the surface of screaming about what's taking place in the gulf, and our environment in general.  

And suddenly as if it were so UNexpected, there's a possibility of dispersant's IN the gulf waters that could affect the shrimp. 

70- 79% of the oil has not been collected according to the University of Georgia and the Georgia Sea Grant...and... the 'University of Florida has already concluded that the oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill may have settled to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico farther east than previously suspected -- and at levels toxic to marine life'... but...our federales at the helm say nah, we're fine- fire up the Cajun sauce for jambalaya! 

But... maybe if you're pregnant, and/or still nursing a child or a raging hangover due to your loss of profits since the spill, you may want to hold off eating it until maybe they can test it...then again maybe not.

Like every good Tv commercial, they point us back to places like Arizona immigrants and New York's possible Mosque to help us forget our current (pun intended) troubles. 

The very fact that 'we' opened the shrimp season speaks volumes to our collective dumbness, so a slight of hand in any direction will certainly take our minds off the crisis still seeping in our waters. 

I was at a class tonight, and the teacher told the joke about the guy in the flood that refuses the boat, the coast guard cutter, and the helicopter-because "God's going to save me".  He drowns. 

He gets to Heaven and he asks God: " why didn't you help me?

And God says "I sent you a boat, a coast guard cutter and a helicopter!"

Gives new thought to the statement " God Help Us" doesn't it? 

Oh yeah...I forgot!  How dumb of me! 

We're waiting for permission to get back into the water after being 'Fed'


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