Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Screaming for attention

I just finished reading an article in the NY Times about children and depression.
At this very writing there is a small toddler next door to me ( at his day care) that is obviously in a foul mood for whatever reason...this child loves to scream and scream.

Please don't get me wrong- I love kids, raised two myself and sat with and for many others over many years prior to having our own.
It's just that this kid is always screaming- yes, I 'send' energy and it subsides, or clear his space, but in no time at all off the little tyke goes- whenever he feels like it.  I simply think he enjoys the attention he receives, or uses it to fend for himself v. the two girls there...

I liken this to when our neighbors way back when would never hear the dog we shared at their door at 2:30 on a bitter cold night, so I would call him home...and if that didn't work I would call the house and wake them up.
I never understood the need for him to be there when he could have been comfy at (our) house.
But for whatever reason he did so ( I believe it was protection-for them) later on in his life, when the time was necessary for him to be completely cared for- he returned to us.

But back to the kid and his screaming... just how annoying is it? I literally thought once it was the carpenter using a drill of some sort as they worked on the deck they were building.

And now, back to the depression article... If this isn't scary I know of nothing that is. 

Depression may not be causing the children (in this article) to act that way- young children are easily and most often affected by energetic imbalances in their 'atmosphere' and most susceptible to negative energetic influences.

Common language: the "boogeyman". Other wise known as things that 'go bump in the night'.
We as a whole in our quick fix society don't wish to believe that there is something following us around in our homes that the kids can see, hear or feel and we adults can't.

I can reel off many stories from practitioners and some from my own book of healings from the sudden calm sleep after months of erratic crib behavior ( simplified by moving the crib OFF a ley line) to a literal hair raising experience when one particular demon was not happy that I entered his space of the child he was in charge of: me here -it in Florida.

I was seated in an office chair (on wheels) in my upstairs bedroom at the time, close to the hallway door.
During my 'work' I ended up on the other side of the room courtesy of the darkside, crashing into the wall at demonic speeds, similar to Nascar-narrowly missing the glass closet door.
I broke nothing but the demonic hold on the child, who from that moment on went from being previously labeled as autistic to attending a school for gifted children a few short months later.

So are our four, three, two year olds depressed? Could be.

But it also could be that the home or school needs a good energetic cleaning or that the child is carrying something other than a simple chip on it's shoulder.

Could be they're screaming to get our attention...



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