Friday, August 27, 2010

Doing the Ride Thing

I just returned from a bike ride though the outer hills of the area in which I reside. 

Along the route, I whistled back and forth with an unseen hawk, somewhere nestled in the valley, then watched as a great blue heron 'hid' -camouflaged amongst a dead pine branch; taking off as the 18 wheeler's vibration on the river's bridge rattled his tree. 

A hawk represents visionary power and guardianship, a great blue heron agressive self determination and self reliance. I've had to be self reliant most of my life, and will continue to do so on behalf of that I know to be my personal goals. I don't often let someone else block my path. I get detoured, but don't stay on that route often. My current route is changing again, and I look forward to the new-wherever I land. 

I have always been a visionary, futuristic prophetic at times, and most often people either don't 'like' what I say about our times, or are afraid -especially when I am right on the money about current events both personal and global. 

Previous to my ride this morning, for whatever reason, while on the phone at my desk, I stumbled upon and I took an internet Goldberg mood test.  So I took it. 

I discovered that I am in the lowest percentile for being 'depressed'. 

I scored a 5 -the 'average' is 36-53. 

Those 'averages' reflect "moderate to severe depression".

I found the figures to be a rather early morning sobering fact as I biked around nature's finest offerings. Who wouldn't be tempted with depression nowadays? Take a good look at us, globally. 

We're often in two categories: the first being activism, the second: denial. 
Denial seems to be the front runner at the moment. 

Acronym for DENIAL: " don't even notice I am lying" 

I personally know the elements known as the dark knight of the soul- and I spell it with a k for good reason. Several years ago, I battled back the dark knight and all his forces- at the time, I was caring for a woman who was dying of cancer, and she asked me to 'show her the way' of death as well as the great beyond. 
I have never felt more lost, more enveloped by the darkness of my own souls understanding during one of our sessions.  It literally brought me to my knees, and similar to the who wants to be a millionaire show, I called in a lifeline, a woman who helped me through. I have never been so humbled in, to and for the workings of Spirit. 

People often ask why I bike- I bike to relieve any pressures in my world and to view hidden beauty beyond the neighborhood. 

Honestly, I get a wee bit cranky when Mother Nature messes with my route, with lousy weather but when she offers me a look into my soul; for what she's helping me to learn and discern, I am blessed. 

She's simply doing the ride thing for me, and I am forever grateful. 


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