Friday, August 13, 2010

The Answer

Is ignorance. The question was what's the easiest job to keep but the hardest to work at.

Think about that for a minute.

When you are ignorant about something, it's easy to move into it, but really hard to stay with it- it takes work beyond the 'norm' to remain in it. We have the world at our fingertips, literally with the internet, in our sights with Tv and papers, and well within our hearing with the channels of the many radio stations broadcasting.

With all our technology, we could easily move out of just plain ignorance. We have the ability to know answers faster than we ever did. We have the ability to research and to discern anything we question.

Problem is that some of those 'channels' and channelers of the information are in fact plain biased;
the petri dish of ignorance.
Broadcasting  their crass attitudes of fear which so many today feed on.
And why not?
Rock bottom line is fear-and fear sells so well nowadays!
We're still afraid of anything that's the least bit different than us. Different hats, colors, languages, foods, clothing...
We want to fit in with 'the' crowd, such as it appears, and squash our individual uniqueness- our talents.

We go along easily with what the media says is the 'truth', what the advertisers sell us: we become what they feed us. We shut off the inner knowledge because we're not 'them'- not smart enough to think for 'us'.

Most of what is being dished out out it is a healthy dose of fear's palatable pablum ignorance.
And we take it- we do so in the beliefs that we can't take care of ourselves- that we don't have the knowledge in us- to take care of us- allowing the government, pharmaceutical, beverage, clothing, Hollywood, and other various 'industries' to dictate our health, welfare,income guidelines, and style of living and social standings.
Its like playing cards at life's casinos with the Donald, they're Trumping us at every hand we play.
At the core to this very game is our full belief that we don't have a choice in these matters, that we must stay within the lines- and so we play along with the band while the ship tilts and then sinks.

Ignorance is not bliss, it's ignorance.
And if we're to move on in our collective consciousness, we've got a lot of individual power to re-claim. There is no quick fix out there other than working on you and your own limiting beliefs.
Doing so will change the world.
Step up to the plate of your life, and swing at any biased or ignorant based thoughts pitched your way-I guarantee once you realize your fullest potential to bring the world to harmony, the green monster will bow to you and all your swings taken will be known as 'outta da park'.


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