Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All Things H

My friend Cowgirl Lil told me today that Kathryn Stocket's Hardcover book, The Help was bumped from it's first place perch after 62 weeks on the Best Seller's list, now down to number 4, and The Bullet, last weeks # 1 is now #2 having made room for The Girl Who Kicked a Hornet's Nest.

What brought that up aside from being at the library, was the BP Oil spill and how that's affecting our lives now, and obviously the future- but even more importantly, it's where 'we are at' mentally.
 "Peoples thoughts are chaotic"  said my friend Pizza girl just yesterday, and she's right.

It's true- have you gone into any situation lately and come back out whole, or feeling more like swiss cheese?

We've gone from Helping to Hornets; and in keeping with the all things visual, all the networks, internet, videos are another gaping Hole Hypnotizing those who watch the Happenings.

The Gulf is leaking and we're Hurting, and we have to get a Handle on this.
Happily we can get out of this mess we're in collectively, but the answer isn't as simple as we'd like.
It's going to take all of us-- Humanity, to come together, with more than just Hope in our Hand-baskets.

Yesterday after a yoga class I sat and was talking with two other women who had asked about a particular reason this type of yoga is often practiced before dawns early light.
After a calm explanation, from me, in simple terms as to the benefits of meditating at such early ambrosial Hours, one woman said well I could do 15 minutes -that would be just as good.
Her mind made up, she wasn't listening, wouldn't Hear me..HELLO ! A part of me wanted to scream but inside was way too calm to even bother.
I can't get all excited about those who can't Hear anymore. I used to, but now just Honor their journey instead and go about my own Hectic ways.

Pizza Girl also noted during our short time chatting together at the local B.J.'s that people were either Here or there- in it for the long run or running the longest track they've ever been stuck on.
Ingrained Habits are Hard to break, most especially now, with all the distractions we're up against- from the Highway to the Himalayans- and aside from all the Heat, the drastic weather, and the rumbles of thunder above and below we're still Hiking along thinking 'we fine' while the Hot water's boiling over on our collective stove.

Hear me now: Homeboy, Homeland Security starts within. If you're not secure in who you are at this point, you'd best get crackin'. And girlfriend, you want to Hook up with something? Look up. Find your footing on Higher ground; start opening your Heart. Leave the Hysteria for those who want nothing more to cultivate it, and move on to your own garden.
Plant the seeds of Hedonism in your garden- weed out Helplessness, and Hard Headed behavior; doing so will raise you Higher... So Hop to it-the closer you get to your own Heaven the faster we will Heal all our brothers and sisters and our world.


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Hey GirlFriend..That was great...obliged to help jog the brain anytime...Keep 'em coming..Love & light, Cowgirl Lil