Friday, April 23, 2010

Car Wash Blues

Sitting in the car wash yesterday, listening to Bob Seger tunes, I found myself thinking of life , his songs and overall, the things that are similar to the car wash experience itself.

I watched the truck in front of me go through, I inhaled the tooti fruti gum like soap as the green, blue and pink soap was applied. I can't imagine the reason for the scent.
Why we have to have scented car wash soap is beyond the realm of my truly makes no scent to me :-) ( " Cest la Vie")

Then I thought of people, so many of (us) of late who cannot control the circumstances that they are in- and the reactions that they use to speak out or strike out against what's happening.
Similar to the ways now of a car wash workings, some prefer to go up one side and down the other of a person, on the attack, rather than sit quietly and focus on the task at hand; simply... mastering communication between two or more. ("Still the same...")

Seems we've not only forgotten our true reasons for being here, once birthed, but once fully immersed in the life we lead temptation is to ignore the soul within and run in circles on our soles; running from that which is no more than the final veil- the film that remains on the windshield until the final rinse is applied. ( "Til it shines" )

In between the soap and the final rinse, a product called a 'Teflon' coat is applied.
I liken that to the 'not my responsibility' routine (we) go through; the slick factor.
Rather than take the step forward, rather than progress toward being a true whole being, we slide back-or 'Teflon' ourselves so the shit don't supposedly stick.
As different as we try to be; collectively, independently, musically, whateverly: yet...
("We're still the same")

Finally, the dryer- the mini tornado we drive through to get out of the car wash.

Ain't that what life is like at times?
(" Against the wind")

Keeping with Segar's songs; once out of the wash, ( "Roll me away") we simply ('Turn the page') and go where we're heading to;
("Which way") that might be is truly up to you- one way or another we all...

("Come to Poppa")

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One small voice said...

Love your analogy. I am very interested in your train of thought. (going to read some more after this) I too, (like many) feel I am on the verge (maybe?)of remembering why I am suppose to be here.. lol Life does have a way of directing our attentions away from that-Or is it maybe more so, a defense mode in which we ourselves, divert our own attention away from the truth and what really matters? I don't know.. Yet.. LOL! Looking forward to getting to know you better. Thanks and ~Blessed Be~