Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Set the table

I have been reading a wondrous book: "Getting there" by Michael Roads.
It’s from way back in 1998 and I found it at the local library over the weekend.
Straightening out the returned books on Saturday, I went to make room on a shelf, and voila!
There it was with my name on it so to speak.

I knew the minute I touched its spine.
I’m not going to spoil the story of the novel itself, but share a part of which I find pretty novel in itself: setting the table.

If you live alone, set the table for two.
If you have a spouse or partner, set the table for three or four.
Three places settings if you are toasting one who is changing;

four settings for both.
Toast your beginnings to re-create your ‘self’ ! Toast the new you!

For example; perhaps you have chipped away at your life learning's, and changed a belief.

You before this time, had decided that we are all unlike each other, different.
And now, as you sit at the table of life before you, and have let that ‘old’ belief go, you decided that what you keep hearing or reading is that we are in fact all One.

That none of us is any more different at the core, than anyone else.

That we are all attached, we are all that circle of life - that circle that includes us all and excludes none; be it women, men, children, all faiths, all religions, all nations-all colors; all.
Even that which we call God, the Holy Spirit, or Higher Power.

We’re all One.
We're it.

Perhaps you just suddenly realized that all this time you have spent on this planet we call earth-
thousands of hours on this life clock- with those who have been here to show you what you came to master; your self...
all the while not learning from them or the repeated experience-going over and over and without success.
Doing the same thing again and again...the complete mundane experience.

Repeating the same process you came here to master, without learning the message of the self within- the one with only your name on it -gets old as fast as we do these days.

The very knowledge that you, you hold the only key to your inner kingdom.
The key to freedom from the bind you have placed your ‘self’ in.

So if you are able, and desire to find your ‘self’ begin again, simply place yourself at the table of life, and look at it differently. Start at your next meal.
See your ‘self’ as you react to the simplest thing that someone else does that pisses you off or annoys you. See within your ‘self’ why it reacts.

See within your ‘self’ why the annoyance, see within your ‘self’ what you do to make it happen.

Find your part, and change the belief behind it, and change the experience.

See why or what it is that holds you in fear of letting another live their own life, or even simply just living your own life as you always ‘wished’ it would be when you were younger.

Find that inner child, that inner self that wants to make the change, that wants the different experience, and then do it, for no one else does it for you. Nobody holds your key.
They may lock the door to assist you, but you're the only one who can open it.

Start today. Make your dream your reality.

Set the table. Invite your (whole) self to the banquet of your life.
Toast the new, let go the old.

This meal will be your best-ever.

Bon Appetit

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Anonymous said...

Really great words Meredyth...we wouldn't expect anything less...Keep on truckin'...Love & Light, Your Local Small Town Librarian