Thursday, December 13, 2007

Great Fullness of the Holiday Spirits

Ever have just one of those days? I did- so I thought today.
It started out with me going to get the paper, and I couldn't get out of the car as all the windows and doors were suddenly frozen shut... I kicked my way out as best I could, seeing as my ankle/leg can still be tender...then returning to the car, I dropped the coffee I bought ON the window ( that was a feat in itself ) it bounced, then spilled on my new jacket.

Then I found out we were having at least a foot of snow, with blizzard like conditions here, so I needed to trade my car with the big guy's little truck so he could get home from work tonight, safely. And even though I can handle any clutch, I'm still rusty with the leg....but I geared up, for the drive, talked to my angels, and went to buy gas- and trade.

I was still somewhat in the coffee funk, mainly due to my current favorite 'flavor' ( Christmas something or other- with coconut) was not offered this morning, in addition to the spill of the half hearty hazelnut...

until I arrived at the gas station...
Picture at this point, New Englanders- gearing up for the blitz, reminiscent of the blizzard of '78 and a Patriot play off field. Huddled masses of cars spread eagle at the stations ( there are three stations in this one small area) just itching for someone to try and nose their radiator in ahead of them. Two, seven zero... BLOCK! Hut hut!

You could see the weather vapor, you could feel the tension.

Until you noticed the handicap.
The gentleman pumping the gas for most of the cars at this station is disabled, and although it was cold, slippery, and getting worse, he cheerily was swinging ( literally) on his crutches- expertly navigating the areas in between the cars.

He reminded me of my sister's friend from childhood; no matter the obstacle, there was always ( and still is ) a smile.

I sat and waited, and thought: and who the hell am I to grumble about a coffee spill?

Then I thanked my angels for giving me the opportunity to be humbled.
As I approached the pump I asked for what I needed, and then stepped out with an offer to pump it myself even though the station is full serve.

He stopped, turned and smiled; asking are you sure?

And as I paid him, he then thanked me profusely before swinging to the next in line.
All day long after that, I watched, and listened and stayed humbled.

I enjoyed my day-no matter the place: the grocery store, with the long lines, and the meeting of the non resident who knew my landlord, to the local general store with the no lines and the long resident tales, to our plow guy who came just before the big guy got home from his long shift and longer drive home... arriving while I was walking down the long, long driveway in the dark, to shovel a path off the street, at least, just in case.

And to top it all off, Cousin Carol didn't even call to interrupt a conversation as she usually does when my friend and I talk!

The weather must have mucked up her normally incredible radar.

All in all, jokes aside (sorry, Cousin Carol) it was a great day.

A full day, full of being grateful.

As I get ready to call it a day, may I remember once again tomorrow, to honor each and every soul that crosses my path, whatever the reason for they are there: good, bad or indifferent.

And somehow, may I be the light they need along their day.

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mikeysmimi said...

Well put, Med.
More people need to stop and GOOD do I have it ......instead of how bad do I have it.That certainly would save a lot of heartache and frustration for them.
Donna, Tom and Mr.Bear
Wishing you and your family a very happy .
love to all